About Fitness IMS

Located in Ashburn, we are available to those all over the Northern Virginia area. We offer group classes, and can rent the space for other trainers who are looking for a place to bring their clients. With each trainer having a different expertise, we are sure that you will find your niche. We are so happy to have you and hope to see you very soon, working towards your dream body, at Fitness In Motion!

Fitness in Motion is owned and managed by husband and wife team Melody and Gracia Duverger.

Melody began her personal training journey in 2007 after obtaining her certification and has been training since then. Gracia has always been in the fitness community and was an avid gym goer until he recently decided to take his passion for exercise and become a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.

When Melody began training, she realized that for her and her peers who trained, it was sometimes a struggle to find space to work their clients out. After years of coming up with a plan, Fitness In Motion Studio was born!

Helping Trainers Serve Their Clients’ Needs